Stone View Press

Stone View Press is a quarterly literary magazine devoted to creative poetry. Our aim is to present and print previously unpublished writings in the spirit of such writers as Sylvia Plath, Ramsey Campbell, Shirley Jackson, Anna Ahtmakova, Anne Sexton, Peter Straub, and Jack Kerouac.

Stone View Press presents new, emerging, and well-known voices in contemporary poetry alongside one another, and it offers another opportunity for more readers to discover young or established poets whose writings deserve an even larger audience.

We are seeking intelligent, creative, disquieting, raw, and well-written work. Beyond those considerations, the sky's the limit; A familiarity with the works of at least one of the writers listed above or on our web site is strongly recommended.

We are currently accepting submissions for our Winter 2003 issue, deadline Dec. 1st...see the guidelines page for further information.

For copies of our back issues (Summer 2000-Fall 2003), please query the editor at

Previous issues include the work of Adam Cassidy, Samantha Scabbia, Jim Blake, Simon Tolhurst and many others.
*Issues are limited.

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